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Prickly pear oil 100 % pure organic d.o.p.


The Prickly pear oil 100 % pure organic d.o.p. Roviti is a 100% natural and certified cosmetic product.


Fragrance: very light addition of prickly pear notes obtained by transforming the taste characteristics of the fruit into a fragrant essence.


This natural oil is a precious and rare product. It is obtained by cold pressing of the seeds. Entirely produced in Sicily (Italy) in the beautiful and luxuriant land at the foot of the Etna volcano.


This prickly pear oil contains a significant amount of essential fatty acids. Mainly omega 6, along with vitamin E, carotenoids and phytosterols, which gives it unique skin care properties.


This natural oil is a very powerful antioxidant and moisturizer. It exerts a strong anti-aging action. This special action slows down skin aging. At the same time it is excelent against the formation of wrinkles or other skin imperfections.

Natural conditions

The prickly pear is a plant that has perfectly adapted to volcanic soil, characterized by a Mediterranean climate with long and dry summers, with rainfall concentrated in autumn and winter.


The soil where the prickly pear is planted does not need fertilization, pruning and irrigation. Thanks to the power of the roots that are able to move the lava soils. It grows luxuriantly giving the fruit excellent nutritional characteristics.


It is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, as well as B vitamins and Retinol. The oil reveals an important amount of essential fatty acids, mainly Omega 6, together with Vitamin E, carotenoids and phytosterols.


All these elements give a particular quality to the virgin prickly pear oil produced in Italy. The pure and virgin prickly pear oil Roviti has unique characteristics in terms of beneficial properties for skin care.

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Batch nr.: PPOR1120

Recommended use

Recommended use – Prickly Pear Oil 100 % Pure Organic D.O.P.


For an anti-aging, moisturizing and purifying action, put 2 – 3 drops of oil on the palm of your hand. And distribute over the entire face and eye area with a gentle massage. Preferably in the evening before falling asleep.


For a moisturizing and nourishing action, put 5-6 drops of oil on the palm of the hand. And gently massage the desired parts of the body.


For a restorative action, apply to clean hair. And distribute over the lengths. There is no need to rinse. Fatty acids and vitamin E compact the outer wall of the hair giving it brightness, texture and volume.

Warnings. – The prickly pear oil bottle should be closed after use and stored away from light to preserve its effectiveness. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not swallow. For external use only.

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Additional information

Weight 0,19 kg
Dimensions 9,5 × 5 × 15,5 cm

30 ml- 1.01 fl. Oz.

All our cosmetic products are 100% natural and certified

Certificate N° ITASS DTP 3-0115 rev.1 declares that ROVITI SRL Corso Umberto I, 121 – 74123 Taranto (TA) P.IVA. 03272150735 codified as ITASS BC 0115, has submitted its activities under control. And meets the requirements and the prescriptions the laid down in the Private Standard for Organic Cosmetics (DTP 3).

On the basis of the inspection visit carried out, the abovementioned operator is deemed to be in conformity with the DTP 3 for the following activity: Cosmetic products selling. - Biocosmesi 70.

The validity of this Certificate is subordinated to the continuous respect of the Private Standard for Biocosmetics. And of the aspects provided by the contract with Suolo e Salute Srl. The operator is directly responsible for the correct use of this document.

This certificate may be suspended or cancelled at any moment if serious nonconformities are identified by Suolo e Salute Srl. The compliance with the laws that regulate production and marketing of cosmetics remains under the full responsibility of the applicant for the certification according to the DTP 3.

Tutti i nostri prodotti cosmetici sono 100% naturali e certificati

Certificato N° ITASS DTP 3-0115 rev.1 dichiara che ROVITI SRL Corso Umberto I, 121 – 74123 Taranto (TA) P.IVA. 03272150735 codificato come ITASS BC 0115, ha posto sotto controllo le proprie attività. E soddisfa i requisiti e le prescrizioni stabilite dallo Standard Privato per la Cosmesi Biologica (DTP 3).

Sulla base della visita ispettiva effettuata, il suddetto operatore è ritenuto conforme al DTP 3 per la seguente attività: Vendita di prodotti cosmetici. -Biocosmesi 70.

La validità di questo Certificato è subordinata al continuo rispetto dello Standard Privato per la Biocosmesi. E degli aspetti previsti dal contratto con Suolo e Salute Srl. L'operatore è direttamente responsabile del corretto utilizzo di questo documento.

Il presente certificato può essere sospeso o annullato in qualsiasi momento nel caso in cui Suolo e Salute Srl rilevi gravi non conformità. Il rispetto delle leggi che regolano la produzione e la commercializzazione dei cosmetici rimane sotto la piena responsabilità del richiedente la certificazione secondo il DTP 3.

Tous nos produits cosmétiques sont 100% naturels et certifiés

Le certificat N° ITASS DTP 3-0115 rev.1 déclare que ROVITI SRL Corso Umberto I, 121 – 74123 Taranto (TA) P.IVA. 03272150735 codifié ITASS BC 0115, a soumis ses activités sous contrôle. Et répond aux exigences et aux prescriptions du Référentiel Privé Cosmétique Biologique (DTP 3).

Sur la base de la visite de contrôle effectuée, l'opérateur susvisé est réputé conforme au DTP 3 pour l'activité suivante : Vente de produits cosmétiques. - Biocosmesi 70.

La validité de ce certificat est subordonnée au respect continu du Private Standard for Biocosmetics. Et des aspects prévus par le contrat avec Suolo e Salute Srl. L'exploitant est directement responsable de l'utilisation correcte de ce document.

Ce certificat peut être suspendu ou annulé à tout moment si des non-conformités graves sont identifiées par Suolo e Salute Srl. Le respect des lois qui réglementent la production et la commercialisation des cosmétiques reste sous l'entière responsabilité du demandeur de la certification selon le DTP 3.

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