Prickly pear oil | Pure organic d.o.p. 100%


The Prickly pear oil pure organic dop 100% Roviti is a natural and certified cosmetic product.


Fragrance: very light addition of prickly pear notes obtained by transforming the taste characteristics of the fruit into a fragrant essence.


Natural prickly pear seeds oil is obtained by cold pressing of the cactus seeds. First of all it is important not to be confused with prickly pear macerated oil ! We guarantee a 100% natural oil without synthetic additives. Entirely produced in Sicily (Italy) in the beautiful and luxuriant land at the foot of the Etna volcano. It is a very precious and rare product.

Content of the prickly pear oil

It contains a significant amount of essential fatty acids. Mainly omega 6, along with vitamin E, carotenoids and phytosterols, which gives it unique skin care properties. It has special antioxidant and antibacterial properties.


This natural oil is a very powerful antioxidant and moisturizer. It exerts a strong anti-aging action. This special action slows down skin aging. At the same time it is excellent against the formation of wrinkles or other skin imperfections.

Natural conditions – Prickly pear oil pure organic d.o.p. 100%

The prickly pear is a plant that has perfectly adapted to volcanic soil, characterized by a Mediterranean climate with long and dry summers, with rainfall concentrated in autumn and winter.


The soil where the prickly pear is planted does not need fertilization, pruning and irrigation. Thanks to the power of the roots that are able to move the lava soils. It grows luxuriantly giving the fruit excellent nutritional characteristics.


It is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, as well as B vitamins and Retinol.


Moreover, all these elements give a particular quality to the virgin prickly pear oil produced in Italy. The pure and virgin prickly pear oil Roviti has unique characteristics in terms of beneficial properties for skin care.

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Batch nr.: PPOR1120

Recommended use

Recommended use – Prickly Pear Oil bio Organic DOP 100%

Organic prickly pear oil dop 100% – 30 ml Roviti with nourishing, protective, soothing, emollient and regenerating properties, firms and tones skin tissues. It restores elasticity, softness and hydration to the skin from the first applications. Prickly pear seed oil is more effective than the better known argan tree.

Its virtues help to attenuate, soften and regenerate the skin and fight against aging. But its vitamin intake is limited and mainly concerns omega-6.


Prickly pear oil bio organic d.o.p. 100% – For an anti-aging, moisturizing and purifying action, put 2 – 3 drops of oil on the palm of your hand. And distribute over the entire face and eye area with a gentle massage. Preferably in the evening before falling asleep.


For a moisturizing and nourishing action, put 5-6 drops of oil on the palm of the hand. And gently massage the desired parts of the body.


For a restorative action, apply to clean hair. And distribute over the lengths. There is no need to rinse. Fatty acids and vitamin E compact the outer wall of the hair giving it brightness, texture and volume.

Warnings.The prickly pear oil bottle should be closed after use and stored away from light to preserve its effectiveness. Especially avoid contact with eyes. Do not swallow. For external use only.

In order to verify any individual allergic intolerances to the ingredients of the cosmetic, it is recommended to carry out a preventive test. Therefore apply a small amount of product on a slightly exposed part of the skin (for example on an arm).

ROVITI srl declines all responsibilities following improper use, failure to verify individual intolerances or failure to comply with the preventive test standards indicated here.

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Opuntia Ficus Indica pure seed oil. Tocopheryl acetate. Parfum.

What is tocopheryl acetate?

Alpha-tocopheryl acetate (ATA) is a specific form of vitamin E that is often found in skin care products and dietary supplements. It is also known as tocopherol acetate, tocopherol acetate or vitamin E acetate.

Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help protect the body from harmful compounds called free radicals. Normally, free radicals form when your body converts food into energy. However, free radicals can also come from UV light, cigarette smoke, and air pollution.

In nature, vitamin E occurs in the form of tocopheryl or tocotrienol. Both tocopheryl and tocotrienol have four forms, known as alpha, beta, gamma and delta. Alpha-tocopheryl (AT) is the most active form of vitamin E in humans.

ATA is more stable than AT, which means it can better withstand environmental stresses such as heat, air, and light. This makes it ideal for use in supplements and fortified foods because it has a longer shelf life.

Some benefits of vitamin E – Prickly pear oil pure organic d.o.p. 100%

Your body uses vitamin E for multiple purposes, including protecting you from oxidative stress and supporting your immune system. You can get vitamin E from certain foods and dietary supplements.

Vitamin E may be beneficial for those suffering from certain skin disorders, such as eczema.

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30 ml- 1.01 fl. Oz.

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