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Prickly pear seeds oil

The Prickly Pear

A unique plant

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For some years, the prickly pear seeds oil has attracted the attention of the world of artisanal cosmetics. The rarity and the difficulty of extracting this “miraculous” oil, in fact, make it possible only to be produced in small quantities.

The production is not very suitable for the industrial manufacturing processes of the large cosmetic companies.

An exclusive natural product

The pure prickly pear seeds oil, obtained from the first cold pressing, is therefore an exclusive and excellent natural product for cosmetic use.

Its properties are far superior to those of Argan oil and all other natural oils for cosmetic use currently on the market.

Oil with a thousand qualities

Rare, precious and with a thousand qualities: antioxidant, moisturizing, regenerating and healing. Prickly pear seeds oil is rich in vitamin E and Omega 6 to combat skin aging and wrinkles. Used alone, it is easily absorbed and makes the skin soft and supple.

It is also a real cure-all for the eye contour. And for the shine and softness of your hair.

Properties of the prickly pear seeds oil

Cactus oil has anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing properties. It proved even superior with Argan oil, the best known oil. In addition to fatty acids (especially linolenic acid), it can counteract skin aging, cactus oil is rich in vitamin E.

It also contains an important amount of polyphenols. These are antioxidants that help the skin stay young. For this reason it has regenerating, restructuring and reinforcing properties. It is able to slow down the aging of skin, smoothing bags, wrinkles and other signs of aging and prevents the formation of wrinkles. It performs an antioxidant and protective action against free radicals. In addition, restores the original elasticity and appearance velvety rejuvenated skin.

The prickly pear seeds oil is rich in valuable fatty acids such as Omega 6 and 3, Vitamin E and phytosterols. You find in much higher values ​​than other types of natural oils currently on the market. For example, the vitamin E content is 150% higher than argan oil.

Therefore, cactus seed oil is a powerful antioxidant and moisturizer that exerts a powerful action anti age. It is quickly absorbed and penetrates the skin very easily. And has an excellent effect against the formation of wrinkles or other skin imperfections.

Cosmetic effects

Restores shine and elasticity to skin tissues. It is ideal for treating fine wrinkled areas of the face. The content of Vitamin K brightens dark circles and promotes skin elasticity.

Cactus Seed Oil is a great acne remedy. For its antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory. It is very rich in linoleic acid. Prevents hardening of sebum and clogging of pores.

The benefits of prickly pear oil

If used regularly, it is also able to prevent skin spots from forming. It also protects from damage caused by smog, low temperatures and UV rays. The beneficial effect of cactus oil was proven for a long time. That is why it is widely used in many high quality cosmetic products.

It is a true beauty elixir. Next, we will list 15 benefits of prickly pear oil:

For the hair: Moisturizes the hair – Restructures the hair strands – It is very favorable for dry hair – Makes hair shiny and smooth. Cactus oil can also be used for damaged hair care and chemically dyed. Helps maintain hair color.

For the skin: Deeply nourishes – Fights stretch marks – Treats scars and dark spots – Fights fine lines and wrinkles – Cools the skin overnight – Protects the skin from external aggressions – Reduces dark circles – Reduces the appearance of acne – Useful against dry skin.

For nails: treats brittle and soft nails – Strengthens nails and nourishes cuticles. Golden, with a fine, non-greasy texture and a discreet smell, Cactus Opuntia Ficus Seed Oil Indica is easily absorbed by the skin. With 100% purity and remarkable effectiveness. The oil acts like a true youth serum. Reduces wrinkles, smoothes the eye contour and tones the skin. It has a incredible power to revitalize and regenerate the skin.

How to use it

Cactus Seed Oil can be easily applied to dry skin after washing. Put an or two drops on the palm of the hand or fingertips and massage gently in the areas that require treatment. The oil will leave the skin soft and smooth. It is used on the facial areas once a day, preferably at night.

Apply especially around the eyes, lips and areas with fine lines or wrinkles. The ideal time to apply it is at the end of the day, before going to bed, to allow the oil to act during sleep. There skin regeneration is much faster at night than during the day.

Professional treatment

For a professional facial treatment, 3 to 6 drops of the product are sufficient. Should be avoid excessive treatments.

There are 15ml pipette bottles. They contain more oil and so they should last longer. Cactus Seed Oil can be easily applied to dry skin as well previously cleansed.

Place a drop or two on the palm of your hand or fingertips and massage gently into the areas requiring treatment.

The oil will leave the skin soft and smooth. Use on one face areas once a day. Preferably in the evening before bedtime. For any other details contact our company: Roviti Italia.

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At the age of 55, the skin on my face suffers from temperature changes and seasonal changes. Thanks to the Anti-Ageing Day Cream, the skin on my face has become soft, shiny and no longer tight. Every morning I apply my cream to my face, neck and décolleté knowing that it is a 100% natural product with a wonderful scent of citrus and essential oils.


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This oil is a wonder! 2-3 drops on the eye contour in the evening and my eyes are rested when I wake up, a few drops on the dry ends of my hair and they become soft and shiny. I also add 2-3 drops to a bit of basic face or body cream to make it immediately become a super nourishing cream for the whole day.


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After showering, I spread the body cream and I have the impression of taking a trip to the south of Italy thanks to its delicate scent of citrus flowers. My skin is moisturised, soft and supple thanks to the triple action of the 100% natural ingredients of argan seeds, shea butter and liquorice extracts.


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A friend suggested that I try the Roviti face cream. I must admit that my skin absorbs it immediately and it makes my face extremely bright and velvety. The presence of prickly pear seed oil in the ingredients is a real plus which combines perfectly with all the other natural components. Among the best creams I have tried!


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Anti Age day cream, I have used it both during the day and in the evening. Its texture is soft and very pleasant to apply. The skin is visibly more supple, radiant and revitalised. It is also a real panacea for wrinkles, on which it has a very marked smoothing effect. It is a true "Anti-Time" arsenal.


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Pure prickly pear seed oil has a light consistency and a sweet, pleasant scent. It is absorbed quickly and just a few drops are enough to achieve an exceptional moisturising effect. I use it in the evening pure or mixed with Night Cream. A real panacea for the hair and eye contour area.


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The Body Cream leaves the skin soft and smooth. The texture is soft and absorbs quickly. Light and pleasant scent that adapts perfectly to all perfumes


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